Physical Backup Service

Sometimes you need your data in full and downloads may take very long; especially for large websites. We therefor offer our Physical Backup Service and deliver your data Physically to your address.

Get your backup on a USB stick (for backups <8GB or <16GB)

  • Includes USB 2.0 Capless DataTraveler 8 GB USB-stick****
  • Includes international postage in sealed bag to your Physical Address.
  • Includes Complete cPanel-backup***
  • Includes Signed Delivery*.
  • Includes encryption of data, decryption key will be handed when USB stick is received**.

8GB Kingston USB Stick**** + backup + sending. For only EUR 90,00 per backup.
16GB Kingston USB Stick**** + backup + sending. For only EUR 120,00 per backup.
DVD + backup + sending. For only EUR 75,00 (no USB stick, max 4GB) per backup.
Large external disk (~500GB) + sending costs. EUR 1,00 per GB (maximum 100GB)
Large external disk (~500GB) + sending costs. EUR 0,85 per GB (minimum of 100GB till 450GB)
Larger disks on request.

Sending costs are always exclusive as these depend on the location it needs to be send to and the type of insurance a client needs, we charge the cost as is from UPS. FedEX or National Mail company.

* Where service is available.
**Customers outside of Europe have to check with local authorities if encrypted data is allowed to be received, we can send the data unencrypted on request; Customer will need TrueCrypt to decrypt the USB stick. OS supported by Truecrypt can be found here, Truecrypt needs to be installed and downloaded from
*** If enough space is available the customer can request to add a non-compressed backup of their public_html data and database to be added.
**** We try to deliver the mentioned product but are free to replace it with an equal or better product.

Our Physical Backup Services are part of 040Hostings PaaS and IaaS services.