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Shared hosting in Europe & Worldwide

Shared Hosting is good for small to medium-large websites, by sharing (but not compromising on security) a server with more users this is the cheapest way to host your sites. Experience the best web-hosting in Europe and abroad. We were among the first to introduce cPanel in Europe. We also offer SSD hosting for those who need faster IO as regular hosting services. And for those who need help building a website we have our design team at Iwantanew.website which makes it possible for everyone to develop a professional website for a budget price.

Reseller Hosting in Europe & Worldwide

If you a web designer, small hosting company or an IT specialist wanting to host multiple sites and manage them all as a real hosting provider a Reseller account from us is a good start before moving to a dedicated server. Reseller Hosting is available in Europe and the USA. We also have our unique Global Reseller Hosting for those who want to start globally. We also offer SSD Reseller Hosting packages. If your clients host Joomla, WordPress or any other CMS it all will be running smooth within our Reseller Hosting packages.

Dedicated Server in Europe and the USA

If you are searching for more power we offer a wide range of Dedicated Servers in Europe and the USA, from Budget Server to Enterprise Servers and from Unmanaged to Managed solutions. We offer servers in many facilities around the world our major hubs are Strasbourg (Europe) and St.Louis (USA). Not ready for your own server yet? Take a look at our Elastic Sites packages.

040Hosting is offering a wide range of services for running your internet business, our services include Web hosting, Email Hosting, DNS Hosting, Content Delivery Network, Internet Marketing, Elastic Site Servers, Dedicated Servers Solutions, Managed Solutions, Domain registration, SMS campaigns and other internet services or consultancy requested by our customers. No matter if you search for European hosting or need hosting in the USA, 040Hosting is there for all your hosting needs.