Amsterdam Power Outage – No issues at 040Hosting

It was world wide news; the power outage on Thursday 27th of March in Amsterdam. It could not have come at a worse moment, a large part of the team was driving back from Rust, Germany where we where attending WHD.Global 2015 the worlds largest hosting fair and would not have been able to communicate during the 6 hours long drive that well. Even though our support team was available and on the issue, those do not handle the communication to our clients, which in a situation like this is very important in our opinion.

But we where in luck, we where notified immediately by our support staff  about the issue and no client has experienced any outages. The backup systems in 2 different datacenters, in the affected region, did kick in and worked flawlessly. This is the expected behavior of such systems but we are around long enough to know that ‘technically’ it all should work but that is not always the case. We are glad it did this time.

In this particular situation our datacenters did handle it with grace ! and we have not had any outages for our clients.

Unlimited Addon domains and the truth behind it

First things first, what are addon domains

When you buy a hosting package you often have limited or even unlimitted addon domains, but what are they exactly ?

At hosting we call the main domain attached to the account the ‘Main Domain’ all other domains attached to the account (this could be other websites) are called addon domains; or sub-domains. There is also another term you may hear which is Parked domains but these are distinctively different from addon or subdomains as they never have their own content but forward to a existing content under one of your domains, subdomains or addon domains.

What is Semi-Dedicated Hosting

One of the services we offer here at 040Hosting is Semi-Dedicated Hosting, but what is semi-dedicated hosting and where to buy the service ?

global reseller hosting

Global Reseller Hosting

Standard Reseller Hosting will allow you to have your reseller account on 1 location, so all your clients will always be on the same server. But most resellers do not target just one location in the world; many of them have clients from the USA and from Europe at the same time.