Summer Holidays 2015

Dear customers, please note that during July 16th and August 8th 2015 our Sales and Administration will be closed for Holidays.
While our support department will be available 24×7 during this time some technical tasks related to Sales or Administration may take longer to be resolved.

Even though the sales department is closed we will try to assist you the soonest possible with any issues assigned to these departments.

Thank you for your understanding and if you go on holidays yourself; Happy Summer Holidays !

Fonts and Typography

We love fonts, we hate them, some work, some don’t or should be used in a combination, and that is just scratching the font subject, they are so much more, but its not always easy to find the right combinations working for the media you are working with if it is webhosting, an app, or print.  A good website looking at different fonts and examples is Fonts in Use.

Fonts In Use is a public archive of typography indexed by typeface, format, and industry. They document and examine graphic design with the goal of improving typographic literacy and appreciation.

We hope this website will help you find your good combination for your website, app or printed media

link: Fonts in Use.