happy holidays schedule

Holidays of 2016 / 2017

While our support team will be available 24×7 for your emergency tickets we want to bring you up to date what you can and what you can’t expect during our company scheduled holiday seasons.

So what can you expect during our Summer Holidays ?

  • Our Sales department will be closed (Sales includes: all new services bought and upgrades)
  • Our Dutch Support will not be available, please use our international ticket queue for any important ticket you may have.
  • Our International Ticket Queue is available 24×7, while limited staffed we will answer each ticket as soon as possible. Please do keep this to emergency tickets only.
Sales and support will be limited available during the following dates
(emergency ticket support only):


  • no dates planned currently
Sales will be limited available during the following dates:
(Support is limited but will answer your tickets as soon as possible)


  • 22 September 2017 – sales will be closed


For a full list of special holidays you may also refer to our knowledge base providing with list of dates we might be limited reachable.

But most for all we want to wish everyone around the world great Summer holidays season. And we will fully back to assist you with any new services you may need to setup as from 20th of August.