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Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018, we made it, and you helped us with becoming one of the best hosting providers with a global presence. Also in 2018 we will go ahead and improve our services, in the background but also visible for you as our client. We want to point out some special things coming our way, and of course give some tips and tricks to keep your site secure and up to date. We also want to show you what we just did before the end of 2017.
New SSD Server location Rotterdam in the Netherlands
Today we announce just before the new year that we have added an additional SSD location in the Netherlands, namely: Rotterdam. While we already had servers in Rotterdam these where conventional SATA disks, now we have also added a SSD server at this location. This brings the locations we have SSD servers available for our clients to 8 locations worldwide …

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Eye scanning

Two Factor Authentication

We offer two factor authentication to our support portal for a long time already, but we want to bring it under your attention again. Only a userid and password are limiting your security; often passwords are used at multiple places, or the half of the authentication is already known because they can guess the userid. With two factor authentication you make sure that not only the userid/password need to be known but also a random generated number which changes every 30 seconds. So even if the userid/password is compromised they would still need a code which changes every 30 seconds and is only valid for this site.

You can find the Two Factor Authentication settings in your support portal under 'security settings'.

Jetbackup and Snapshots

We already did discuss it shortly in our December newsletter we have changed our backup service and our now operating our own backup services in Europe with our own backup servers. This keeps everything under out control.

With Jetbackup you can simply restore the files you have lost, or have been updated wrongly. Restore your database till the latest backup date, or even create a Snapshot of your account before you make some changes to your site, so that you can rollback your changes till this point of time (only available for free for accounts < 5GB)

You can find JetBackup in your cPanel. If you need a full backup restore please contact our support team.

Support tickets and areas

While we provide 24x7 support for free to our clients we need to explain something, we see more and more questions in our 24x7 support queue where our support engineers can't assist with and in most of the cases they are not urgent.

To provide 24x7 support it means we have support engineers on call, each time our support engineers are being called outside of our office hours they will be logging into our support system and start to solve your issues. What you may not know is that once they do, they will also get paid per ticket outside the standard office hours. For an operation as us these costs are very high, we would not want to sacrifice on 24x7 support for our clients who really need it, nor are we planning to do so, but it would be awesome if tickets are created in the correct support areas. To do this we clarified the support area screen and created a topic on it in our news on our support portal. Please read more about the support areas here.


Cloudflare expansion in 2018

Cloudflare kicked off the expansion this year with Salt Lake City, Salt Lake is just the beginning for 2018. Cloudflare has big plans. By the end of the year, they are forecasting that they have facilities in 200 cities and 100 countries worldwide. Twelve months from now they expect that 95% of the world's population will live in a country with a Cloudflare data center. Now that is some huge accomplishment.

Cloudflare has currently equipment on the ground in 30 new cities. And their team is working to get them all turned up over the course of the next three months. To give you some sense of the pace, that's almost twice as many cities as Cloudflare turned up in all of 2017. Stay tuned for a lot more blog posts about new cities over the months ahead.

World Hosting Days is now CloudFest

CloudFest 2018—everything you loved about WHD.global only bigger, bolder, and reflecting the entire cloud ecosystem. It’s a place where partners and attendees become as much a part of the program as the inspiring speakers who take to the stage. CloudFest embraces and celebrates the cloud industry – it is everything new and exciting in technology and internet innovation. A place where like-minded thinkers and visionaries collaborate to move the cloud industry forward. And 040Hosting will be there again this year. Want to meet us at CloudFest 2018, get in contact with us and we will clear our schedule for you.

CloudFest is from March 10 till March 16 2018 in Europa-park, Rust, Germany.

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