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Okay we get it, it is great to feel you get discounts ; it is even greater if you indeed get them and you are not lured into a great discount of 50% on items which are raised 200% just before the sales season. So especially for you as subscriber to our 040Hosting Insider newsletter we have a few coupons for you, and yes they are the REAL deal.

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In the past months we have been busy with upgrading our server park, most of the changes did go in the background and users did not notice it, others took some downtime in scheduled maintenance hours. But we wanted to list a few of the changes in our newsletter.

One of the largest (and sometimes impacting users) is the installation of Imunify360 ; in short a new security tool to compliment the already existing security tools. Unfortunately the harsh reality is that users do little to protect themselves from the evils of the internet, and lets face it the internet is an evil place. While we can't protect our users against every security issue, especially not if updates of the scripts the client uses are not updated of updated to late, with Imunify360 we have a tool which can help us in the right direction. In example it helps us to stop many forms of attacks on popular CMS systems like Joomla and Wordpress.

One of the major changes users may notice is a captcha screen if they fill in a wrong password too many times. Before we simply would have blocked the IP and the user would need to contact us to unlock it. Now we just want to be sure you are not a 'bot' which is trying to brute force an account of our clients. By delivering the captcha we can see if you are indeed a human being and let you try again. Eventually this still may cause you to get listed in the firewall, but the first errors are now resolved in a friendlier way as a complete block.

Malware scanning is done, but not fully implemented yet as at this point the system would block or remove the files directly from the client directory, so even with false positives this may happen. We feel this is not the right way to deal with this, and so does Imunify360; new versions of Imunify360 will make the control better for end-users; how this exactly works we don't know yet but will update about this in our newsletter.

Sandboxing/Patch management is not yet build by Imunify360 but will follow soon too. One of the main reasons to opt for Imunify360 for us is that it includes a strong IDS/IPS in combination with a web application firewall (WAF) and are looking forward to the new options within Imunify360 when they come available, obviously after testing if these new modules are usable in our and our clients situations.

Reputation Management is already implemented and we will get notified if a user has installed a domain or content which is damaging the server population, so we can contact this particular client to discus how to move forward.

As you can read a tool just running in the background ; usually without clients noticing anything can be part of a large system to keep everything on the server safe.

EasyApache 4 / HTTP2 / LSAPI

Almost all servers are upgraded to EasyApache 4, while this does not mean anything to you as client it matters a lot on the stability and updates of the servers. This includes the updates of PHP, new versions of PHP, all the PHP modules (like HTTP2 and LSAPI) and a more standardized way of working from cpanel to update the webserver and modules. Or is cPanel says it: EasyApache 4 represents a total overhaul of how cPanel & WHM ships and maintains our Apache and PHP distribution. EasyApache installs, configures, updates, and validates your web server, PHP, and other components of your web server.

To say in easy terms ; we replaced the engine of the old webserver and placed in a new faster and more modern engine.

This made it also possible for us to switch all accounts to HTTP2 compatible. Which helps to load your sites faster. And to use LSAPI a faster and more secure way to run your PHP scripts. So behind the scenes your sites got an upgrade.

Portland (Oregon)

Portland (Oregon): Cloudflare's 117th Data Center!
The deployment of the Portland Data Center is Cloudflare's 27th data center in North America alone, and their 117th globally. It also provides additional redundancy to Cloudflare's Seattle and San Jose data centers, while increasing our capacity to run services and fight growing attacks. According to Cloudflare this is part of a much broader expansion, as Cloudflare is actively working on at least a dozen …

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Colombo, Sri Lanka

Cloudflare: Colombo, Sri Lanka
We are excited that Cloudflare will add four new data centers this week to their growing network, beginning with Colombo, Sri Lanka. This deployment is our 112th data center globally and their 38th in Asia. Six million Internet properties using Cloudflare are now even faster across the island country of Sri Lanka. Previously, local visitors to Cloudflare customers were served …

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In our Next newsletter

We don't know yet, there is some much to tell and to write about stuff happening behind the scenes, every single week updates and patches are being installed to keep your sites as secure and as fast as possible. But one thing you may start noticing ; cPanel has finally implemented a way for users to restore files by them selves from within cPanel. This is awesome news for many end users. More about this feature in our next news letter. Don't be alarmed if you do not see this function yet on your system, it will be there soon.

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