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Holidays of 2018/2019

While our support team will be available 24×7 for your emergency tickets we want to bring you up to date what you can and what you can’t expect during our company scheduled holiday seasons. So what can you expect during our Holidays ? Our Sales department will be closed (Sales includes: all new services bought and […]

Black Friday deal for 2016

It’s Black Friday 2016, So you are searching for fantastic web hosting at a discount? we get that ! But fantastic web hosting comes at a price, a price which is always under pressure, that is why we do not offer a black Friday discount in a form of a recurring discount, but offer you […]

Barcelona! Cloudflare’s 101st data center

Located alongside the Mediterranean, Barcelona, is the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia, the second-most populated municipality in Spain and the core of the fifth-most populous urban area in the Europe. Cloudflare’s data center in Barcelona is their 3rd in the Iberian Peninsula following the deployments in Madrid and Lisbon, it is Cloudflares 28th […]

CVE-2016-5195 – Dirty Cow

As you may have read in the news almost all Linux systems since 2007 are vulnerable for something called Dirty Cow. Without going into the details the machines most vulnerable to this exploit would be web facing servers; in other words; our servers. we are glad to announce that our server park has already been […]

Joomla! 3.6.4 – a security fix

A Joomla! 3.6.4 release containing a security fix will be published on Tuesday 25th October at approximately 14:00 UTC Since this is a very important security fix, please be prepared to update your Joomla installation’s next Tuesday. https://www.joomla.org/announcements/release-news/5677-important-security-announcement-pre-release-364.html

14 New Cloudflare POPs

You may wonder what the following cities have in common, and we will no longer keep you guessing, besides the obvious; they are all located on Earth, they all have lots of people living there, and you may guess it they all have internet access. The following cities have as from now a Cloudflare POP […]

Summer of Pwnage has started this July

WordPress users be aware that currently the Summer of Pwnage is started in Amsterdam, This Summer of Pwnage event has WordPress (and the plugins) as target. This already resulted in finding some pretty serious vulnerabilities, which is a good thing, because events like this make WordPress more secure, and that is what makes such events […]

Moscow, Russia: CloudFlare’s 83rd data center

Cloudflare did come to Moscow, Russia and announces the newest addition in the largest country in the world (by footprint), increasing both our data center and city count to 83. Moscow is not only the capital and largest city in Russia. Russia is also home to several Internet exchanges which CloudFlare now participates at: the […]

Denver, CloudFlare’s 82nd Data Center

Hello Colorado, Denver is CloudFlare’s tenth data center in the United States, and the 82nd data center globally. By adding more Datacenters Cloudflare improves regional web performance within the USA. CloudFlare participates at two major internet exchanges in Denver: Any2 Denver and IX-Denver. Other Cloudflare locations within the USA Denver joins CloudFlare’s existing United States data […]