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14 New Cloudflare POPs

You may wonder what the following cities have in common, and we will no longer keep you guessing, besides the obvious; they are all located on Earth, they all have lots of people living there, and you may guess it they all have internet access. The following cities have as from now a Cloudflare POP ; meaning that Cloudflare content can now be delivered much faster from these locations.  The good stuff, Cloudflare can be enabled for free from our controlpanel. If you want to read more about this you can do so at the cloudflare website.

Lets go by the locations one by one:

In Africa the following POP has been added:

Luanda, the capital city of Angola.

In the USA the following POPs have been added:

Boston, Las Vegas,Nashville, Omaha, Philadelphia, St Louis, and Tampa.

In Europe the following  POPs have been added:

Athens, Lisbon and Helsinki

In the Oceania region the following POP has been added:


And in Asia the following POPs have been added:

Manila and Shanghai

Summer of Pwnage has started this July

WordPress users be aware that currently the Summer of Pwnage is started in Amsterdam,

This Summer of Pwnage event has WordPress (and the plugins) as target.

This already resulted in finding some pretty serious vulnerabilities, which is a good thing, because events like this make WordPress more secure, and that is what makes such events priceless.

Want to know more, or even participate check out their website at https://sumofpwn.nl/

Summer Holidays of 2016

Summer Holidays 2016 are almost here, and while our support team will be available 24×7 for your emergency tickets we want to bring you up to date what you can and what you can’t expect during this period.

So what can you expect during our Summer Holidays ?

  • Our Sales department will be closed from 28 of July to 15 of August.
    (Sales includes: all new services bought and upgrades)
  • Our Dutch Support will not be available, please use our international ticket queue for any important ticket you may have.
  • Our International Ticket Queue is available 24×7, while limited staffed we will answer each ticket as soon as possible.

Sales will be limited available during the following dates:

We will work on your sales tickets, but we are limited staffed during this period, things can take longer as usual.

  • Summer Holidays 20 July – 27 July 2016 (from 28 of July  till 15th of August sales is closed) as well as 18 and 19 of August
  • Summer Holidays 20 August till 5 September 2016

For a full list of special holidays you may also refer to our knowledge base providing with list of dates we might be limited reachable.

But most for all we want to wish everyone around the world great Summer holidays season. And we will fully back to assist you with any new services you may need to setup as from 20th of August.

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