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BRU – Brussels, Belgium

Our week starts with the announcement that CloudFlare did put their 81st data center online in Brussels, This is the 23rd data center in Europe alone, and the 81st data center globally for Cloudflare – providing additional redundancy to nearby facilities in Amsterdam and Paris.

Millions of websites using CloudFlare are now faster in Brussels, and CloudFlare now exchanges traffic at the Belgium National Internet Exchange (BNIX).

This week CloudFlare will announce two more cities Moscow, Russia and Manila, Philippines ; more information follows when those facilities are officially announced.


Perth – Australia – Cloudflare’s 80th DC

040Hosting is excited to announce the launch of CloudFlare’s newest data center in Perth, Australia. This expands the CloudFlare’s global network to span 80 unique cities across 41 countries, and is the fourth data center in the Oceania region, joining existing data centers in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

CloudFlare now has data centers in cities beginning with most letters:

A: Amsterdam, Ashburn, Atlanta, Auckland
B: Bangkok, Berlin, Bucharest, Buenos Aires
C: Cairo, Chengdu, Chennai, Chicago, Copenhagen
D: Dallas, Doha, Dongguan, Dubai, Dublin, Dusseldorf
F: Frankfurt, Foshan, Fuzhou
G: Guangzhou
H: Hamburg, Hangzhou, Hengyang, Hong Kong
J: Jiaxing, Johannesburg
K: Kiev, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City
L: Langfang, Lima, London, Luoyang, Los Angeles
M: Madrid, Manchester, Marseille, Medellin, Melbourne, Miami, Milan, Minneapolis,Mombasa, Montreal, Mumbai, Muscat
N: Nanning, New Delhi, Newark
O: Osaka, Oslo
P: Paris, Perth, Phoenix, Prague
Q: Qingdao
S: San Jose, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Seoul, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Singapore, Sofia, Stockholm,Sydney
T: Taipei, Tianjin, Tokyo, Toronto
V: Valparaiso, Vancouver, Vienna
W: Warsaw
X: Xi’an
Z: Zhengzhou, Zurich

Pfew that are a lot of cities and countries which got a lot faster thanks to Cloudflare.

WP Mobile Detector Vulnerability Being Exploited in the Wild

Please note that a vulnerability has been found in the WP Mobile Detector script used by many WordPress users.

This issue has now been patched according to Sucuri. Please make sure you update your wordpress if you use WP Mobile Detector;

Also if you do not use the WP Mobile Detector Script please make sure you update your WordPress plugins regularly.

Want to know more about the WP Mobile Detector Vulnerability, please read the full Sucuri blog about this issue.

Jetpack Security Update

Jetpack 4.0.3 contains a critical security update, and you should update all the sites you manage as soon as possible. You can update through your wordpress dashboard, or download Jetpack manually here.

More information about this issue can be found on the Jetpack website.

Link: https://jetpack.com/2016/05/27/jetpack-4-0-3-critical-security-update/

Bangkok, Thailand: CloudFlare’s 79th Data Center

CloudFlare turned up their newest data center in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and a very popular destination with travelers in Southeast Asia. This expands their network to span 32 cities across Asia, and 79 cities globally.

Thailand, with a population of 65 million, is the fourth largest country in Southeast Asia. As the central interconnection point for all Internet communications within the country, Bangkok was the natural choice for our newest deployment.

Cloudflare announced the first of a series of agreements with carriers in Thailand. JasTel Network Company is the partner for their first Bangkok data center. By moving JasTel customers’ access to the CloudFlare network from Singapore and Hong Kong into a local datacenter in Bangkok, they helped build a better Internet experience for the JasTel users across the country.

Joomla Extension Day The Netherlands

040Hosting is proud to be sponsoring the first Joomla Extension Day in The Netherlands.

Joomla Extension Day The Netherlands

On the 11th of June 2016, the first Joomla Extension Day The Netherlands / Hikashop-day will be presented by The Joomla User Group Breda (JUG076).

During this day, several aspects of using the Hikashop eCommerce application, a popular e-commerce extension, will be discussed.

The main goal during this day is to learn about Hikashop and how to use it. You can also learn and share your knowledge that day. The Owner and Developer of Hikashop will be there to show us a sneak preview of Hikashop 3.

We expect between 50 to 70 Hikashop enthusiasts to attend this event.

Note that presentations during the day will be in Dutch, except the presentation of Nicolas Claverie from Hikashop which will be in English.


• Nicolas Claverie, Owner and Main Developer HikaShop
• Roland Dalmulder, Developer of JD iDEAL and CSV Improved
• David-Andrew de Boer, Developer cciDeal
• Jisse Reitsma, Developer Yireo
• Jeroen Moolenschot, Developer of templates and extensions for Joomla
• Nico van Leeuwen, Co-Organizer JUG Breda as well as Joomla and HikaShop integrator
• Jan van Kuijk, Co-Organizer JUG Breda as well as Joomla and HikaShop integrator

Interested to join the day?

You can find more information (in Dutch) at the following page: https://www.jugbreda.nl/

Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine: CloudFlare’s 78th Data Center

Cloudflare turned up their datacenter in Kiev ( Kyiv ), the capital and largest city of Ukraine.

Kiev is an old city with more than 1,000 years of history. It was the capital of Kievan Rus’, an ancient country which is considered to be the ancestor of modern Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. If you visit the city by plane, you may be almost blinded by the shining golden domes of numerous old churches and cathedrals – and once there, be sure to try the famous Ukrainian beet soup, “Borscht”. CloudFlare decided to contribute to the long history of Kiev with their 22nd data center in Europe, and their 78th data center globally.


Taipei: CloudFlare’s 77th Data Center

Cloudflare has launched their Taipei data center, which is Cloudflare’s 28th data center in Asia, and their 77th data center globally. Millions of websites which were previously served from Hong Kong are now served locally from Taipei.

Taipei has one of the fastest Internet speeds. Yet, being located far away from other Internet interconnect centers makes for some unique challenges. When traffic is delivered to local eyeballs from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore or worse-still Los Angeles, it is often subject to long latency and the constraints of limited capacity before arriving in Taipei. Additionally, traffic flowing on undersea cables around Taipei have been subject to cable cuts over the years, mainly because of the active fault lines around the island.

With the launch of our Taipei data center, visitors to millions of CloudFlare websites will experience a 4x improvement in performance and a significant increase in availability.

Cloudflare is going to announce 2 more datacenters in Asia soon.

About 040Hosting: 040Hosting offers servers around the globe, but if your visitor comes from a location we do not serve from directly you can enable Cloudflare on our servers, which makes your site faster for everyone around the globe.

Reliable Hosting Monitoring

Reliable Hosting Monitoring at a fair price

At 040Hosting we are looking every day at improving our services and how to give our tools back to our users so they can benefit from it too; our latest addition may just be what you need, Reliable Hosting Monitoring !

Not limited

While we are well aware there are hundreds of monitoring services on the market we believe we have an offer which is better as the rest, not to mention very reliable.  Already from the smallest monitoring package we do not limit your checks, we do not limit locations you can monitor from and we do not limit the amount of notifications you can send out, no matter if this is by means of Voice calls, SMS messages or other notification methods.  So you want to monitor your service every minute from all locations around the world, no problem !

More as just ping monitoring

In example 040Hosting does monitor its managed servers as well, we do this not by a ping as most hosting providers do but by actually connecting to the webserver and retrieve a page. We also check our servers against several RBL (Realtime Blackhole Lists) to catch any mail blocks before they become a problem to our customers. Our monitoring service does not stop there, a wide range of monitors is available to you and if they are not sufficient you can create your own scripts to be called from the monitoring as well.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs, you pay for a set of monitors + for each notification contact you create. This means you can start monitoring 5 services for only EUR 5,10 a month (including 1 notification contact); for each additional notification contact you pay 0,10 EUR for unlimited messaging. Many other providers let you buy packages for SMS and Voice calls; we include this in the contact fee, so you will never find yourself without credit and thus no notification.

Easy setup from our support portal

Setting up monitoring is simple and is fully integrated within our support and billing system, you can simply login to your account and configure your reliable hosting monitoring.


New Payment Methods Available

We have added multiple new payment methods to our system to make payments easier, as well as making sure payments are handled faster and as always as secure as possible.

New Options through Mollie:


  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • V Pay
  • Meastro

Other new Payment methods

  • SEPA-Incasso
  • Belfius Direct Net

Other already existing payment methods through Mollie:

  • iDeal
  • Bancontact/Mister Cash
  • SOFORT Banking
  • Wiretransfer
  • Bitcoin

Of course it is still possible through pay through Paypal (with or without a paypal account) or through 2Checkout.

About SEPA

The SEPA territory consists of 34 European countries and also includes countries which are not part of the euro area and the European Union. SEPA countries

About Belfius Direct Net Payments

Belfius account holders can pay directly within the bank’s trusted online banking environment.