040Hosting Creative Logo design services

One of the questions we hear daily is if we can’t assist or know someone who can assist with creating a professional creative logo design for their company.

Well we do, our 040Logo services is there to assist you with a team of at least 5 designers to work on your professional logo. You will be able to use this service in combination with our shared hosting packages and receive 15% off on these packages in combination with the creative logo design.

Logo’s are used for many different reasons, Websites, Product label logo’s, Official letterheads for Organisations, Festivals etc. ; and as many reasons there are as many different types of logos do exist

Different types of logo’s need different designers

  • 3D logos
  • Cartoon logos
  • Caricature logos
  • Coat of Arm logos
  • Retro logos
  • Vintage logos
  • and so on

If you have an idea we can make it a logo!

So if you need a New Logo, a Modernized Logo, creating new source files of your current logo we can do it for you! So here at 040 hosting, we are not only technical but very creative as well.

  • Special Offer EUR 219,00

    Get your own personalized logo now.

Standard Logo Design Service

This page describes our standard Logo design service, we do however also offer stationery design (Letters, Envelopes, Business cards) and print services; if you are looking for these services please follow this link.

Want to see how this service works with some real examples; check out this page.

Our Creative Logo Design Package

  • Unlimited revisions
  • Minimum of 5 designers working for you
  • Minimum of 5 initial concepts
  • Full copyright ownership
  • we aim at a 3-day turnaround
  • High resolution formats

Our Logo Service Guarantees

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Lifetime support
  • 100% Unique concepts (NO clip-art or stock images)
  • ALL design files archived indefinitely
  • 15% Discount on our shared hosting packages
  • Logo creation is not a game, this is not a competition scheme!

Get your  logo designed now, no risk and satisfaction guaranteed for a special time offer of EUR 219,00



Frequently Asked Quesions

In the extremely unlikely event that you feel none of the 040logo designs produced match your needs or answer your design specifications we will do our best to improve or modify the logo until it satisfies you completely. If you are still not happy with the designs, we will refund your initial payment immediately, that is how we do this. If that is the case, the logo designs and variants you received will of course no longer be your copyright property and any recurring discount you may have received for the shared hosting will be stopped (although you will keep the discount for the current payed period).

Your 040logo design package comes with 5 concepts (in some cases we may feel that we have to provide more choices). This includes UNLIMITED free revision rounds for your chosen concept.  Unlike other sites, you also get unlimited free redraws just in case the first set of designs miss the mark. We don´t want you to be merely satisfied with our work, we want you to spread the word on our work as a happy 040logo client. Did you know you can get 15% discount on our hosting packages as well when ordering it with the logo design service.

Yes, we provide the original vector file to you, the only editing restriction is that the font is flattened because of font licensing issues. Fonts are like software and often come with a commercial license. We will inform you of any fonts used in the design and you are free to buy them from any good online font store or download them for free if available.

If you change your mind about a minor aspect of your logo, in example a color change or a font change but also the use of shadow or any other minor change. This is a logo revision. You can in fact request several minor changes and call that one revision round, providing it is requested at the same time.

If we have delivered the finished design approved by you and you then would require a change, we will need to charge a small fee for that.

What is NOT a revision is if you want to have an entirely new logo designed. This costs the same as the original logo if you request it once the original project is complete.

However we can start your logo design from scratch whilst in the initial design process if the first designs miss the mark. This is called a logo redraw. If you want to change the actual name of the logo and go in a totally different direction during the initial stages (1st 3 rounds of revisions/redraws or 90 days elapsed since the placement of the order, whichever is the sooner) we can do that for you.

We do our up most to deliver all initial logo choices within 3 working days and revisions not longer than 2 business days. (In very busy periods this may be a bit longer but if you think it takes to long let us know and we see what we can do for you).  Your final files are ready just 2 working days after you approve the design with us.

We do not believe it is expensive at all, 5 designers work on your logo and we work on it till it is perfect for you; we believe this is a bargain for a professional logo service. Of course we understand that you may find cheaper alternatives or maybe even someone who can make your logo for free; but one thing we know for sure they will not have the experience or the know-how of logo making as our design team does. Using our service is risk free; if you are not happy we offer a money back guarantee (see the other FAQ entry on this).