Enterprise Spam Filtering

Our Solution

040Hosting has choosen SpamExperts as their Enterprise Spam Filtering Solution

Next to our basic free Spam Assassin anti-spam solution we now also offer our Enterprise Spam Filtering solution in combination with SpamExperts anti-spam service. This is an Enterprise grade anti-spam solution and mail will be received and send from our own enterprise mail cluster.

Our service is using the INbound and OUTbound solution from SpamExperts, so not only your incoming mail will be checked for virusses and spam, but also outgoing mail, so you will be notified when a computer is compromised and is sending out mail it should not. This way you keep your domain free from spam and your brandname in good order ! Because sending spam out on your companies domain is bad for your reputation !

1. Domain-Based Prices
You pay for the number of domains secured, always: unlimited users/inboxes/ email addresses, and free alias domains!

2. Email Security Optimized
99.98% filtering accuracy with close to zero false positives. Stop spam & viruses, prevent being blacklisted, and help email backup and compliance services through email archiving (archiving is a separate service on request)!

3. Increased email continuity
When the destination mail server is unreachable, 040Hostings Mail Cluster queues the incoming email. Systems are placed in 2 different geographical locations for optimal redundancy

4. Avoid being blacklisted
Not being able to send outgoing email, dealing with related user/client support, and spending effort on getting de-listed are all very time-consuming and costly undertakings that you shouldn’t be dealing with. With 040Hostings Spam Filtering with Outgoing Filter, you won’t have to worry any longer about the reputation of you IP addresses.
5. Secure your brand name, do not risk your reputation
Protecting your brand and IT-systems reputation internally is crucial, but as important is your systems reputation in the outside world. The 040Hosting Mail Cluster and SpamExperts solution makes sure you are part of the email security solution rather than part of the problem, ensuring integrity and positive client reputation.

So say NO to spam, and YES to 040Hosting’s professional clustered mail services.

Our Enterprise Anti-Spam solution is part of 040Hostings PaaS and IaaS services.