European Hosting

040Hosting offers different types of European Hosting in 4 locations in Europe with our main Hub in Strasbourg (France), Amsterdam (Holland), Haarlem (Holland) and Kent (United Kingdom).

Why European Hosting ?

The reason for choosing a Hosting location has mostly to do with where your visitors are from, the closer the location the faster the website will load for the client, so if you have a website targeting Europe then European Hosting is a must !

– Low Latency between Visitor and your website in Europe
– Best infrastructure in the world (The largest Internet Exchanges in the world are found here)
– Great mixes of Internet Bandwidth Suppliers
– Latest Hardware
– Stable and clear guidelines and better privacy protection as in the USA.
– When paying from Europe having many payments options including SEPA transfers. Fast, Clear & Easy.
– Can always use Cloudflare to also increase your speeds from overseas Asia, Africa & Americas.

We offer the following European Hosting services in these locations:

In all 4 locations we offer the following European Hosting services:
European Shared Hosting
European Reseller Hosting
European Semi-Dedicated Hosting

In Strasbourg only we offer the following European Hosting services:
European SSD Shared Hosting
European SSD Reseller Hosting
European Dedicated Servers

Other Hosting Locations:
Other locations available at 040Hosting are located in the USA (St.Louis & Los Angeles) as well as in Asia (Singapore)

Dedicated server service in other locations can always be requested through our sales team.