Best in Class Internet Web Service Monitor Platform

Don’t be the last one to know your web service is offline or your server is on a spam blacklist or your server is being used to send spam, or loose revenue on your AdWords campaign when your site is down but your ads are running. Our Enterprise level service monitor system is used by large corporations and of course also by ourselves. With our 1-minute monitoring interval and our open API interface, anything can be monitored and your team will be notified whenever something is wrong by mail, text, phone call or even directly into your ticket system. This is Enterprise class monitoring as used by the Fortune 500 companies. Not only we believe we have the best solution we also have the most affordable one for small to large companies or even individuals who need to monitor their service.

Is your service Online ? Fast ? Working ? Monitored ? Giving the proper response ? monitor providing unlimited text/sms, phonecalls ? using multiple continents to monitor your services ? monitor able to use dependencies ? on a mail blacklist ? monitored from 30+ possible locations worldwide ?