What you need to start

So you are searching on how to start a website ?

So how to begin a website, well first thing you most likely did already think about is what do you want to publish online, but where to go from here when you do not have anything yet. In just 3 steps you are ready to place your site online.

Step 1 – What you all need to start a website

– A domainname (the name you fill in to the browser to visit your site, i.e. like ours www.040hosting.eu we will tell a bit more about how to choose and what to choose in the next step). Get a new domain now.
– Webhosting (this is the internet space your website is going to placed on). Get a hosting package now.
– A website.

The first two, Domain Registration and Webhosting 040hosting can assist you with, we over over 500 different domain extensions, basically we can register domains for about any country, take a look at our domain registration fee’s at the following page. One of the more important steps for any online presence is also a Logo design and if you start also an offline company maybe your stationery (letters, envelopes, business cards) we can assist you with the design of your logo and stationery.

Step 2 – Choosing your Domainname

040Hosting can assist you in registering your domain names if its a .com .net .org .eu or a country specific .nl .co.uk .gr .it we can register about every country in the world (restrictions apply for some). 040Hosting can of course guide you through these rules and regulations  if you you need assistance or have any questions.

In general if you do not create a country specific website but a global website it is a good idea to take a domain name which google sees as a global one. i.e. .com .net .org .info and .eu are seen as global domains which can contain data for visitors for all over the world.

Step 3 – Choosing your Webhosting

Choosing your webhosting, sounds easy is it not ?  Our Specials Package is our most sold shared hosting package, clients usually do not need more unless they have a very busy website or a lot of content on the site. It is very hard to predict what exactly you will need for a website, nobody can give you a fair answer as it depends on step 4 the website itself. A factor you already can calculate in is the location of your hosting service, i.e. if you have most clients from Europe ; an European hosting package gives a better experience to your visitors as a server in the US, however if most clients come from the US you may want to consider to have the hosting package in one of our US locations. At 040hosting you have the choice between EU: London, Strasbourg, Amsterdam (Haarlem) US: St.Louis or Dallas. Also we offer Cloudflare free of charge to all our clients which extends your presence to about any geographical location. See for all the current locations of Cloudflare here .

Step 4 – Create your Website and be Online

Once you have ordered the hosting package and did choose your Domain name you are ready to place your website online, or to create your own website with a web-builder or with any of the scripts we offer through our extensive software libraries (Joomla, Drupla, WordPress and hunderds more). This is the part where as 040Hosting can only assist you and give you tips, we do not build websites but we have contacts with many designers which happen to be our clients as well, so if you are in need of a designer please feel free to ask us about possibilities we are glad to bring you in contact with them.

If you have any questions our team is always ready to answer your questions,please contact us if you do.

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