Black Friday deal for 2016

It’s Black Friday 2016, So you are searching for fantastic web hosting at a discount? we get that !

But fantastic web hosting comes at a price, a price which is always under pressure, that is why we do not offer a black Friday discount in a form of a recurring discount, but offer you to use and try our services for 6 months at 50% of the price. That does sound fair ? We believe so, you have a great discount for 6 months and can try out our services without worry. And we can keep providing you with a quality and fantastic web hosting after that as well. We call this a win-win situation.

Just as excited as us with this deal ? Grab your discount with our coupon* : BFR2016

*Offers, promotions and coupons can be used for any single purchase on regularly priced services only, coupon is valid from 23 November 2016 till 6 December 2016.

No need for shared-hosting but looking for a good powerful unmanaged server ? we have a deal just for you; check out our Unmanaged Black Friday Server offer here (only available on 24/11 25/11 and 26/11) grab it while you still can.

Reliable Hosting Monitoring

Reliable Hosting Monitoring at a fair price

At 040Hosting we are looking every day at improving our services and how to give our tools back to our users so they can benefit from it too; our latest addition may just be what you need, Reliable Hosting Monitoring !

Not limited

While we are well aware there are hundreds of monitoring services on the market we believe we have an offer which is better as the rest, not to mention very reliable.  Already from the smallest monitoring package we do not limit your checks, we do not limit locations you can monitor from and we do not limit the amount of notifications you can send out, no matter if this is by means of Voice calls, SMS messages or other notification methods.  So you want to monitor your service every minute from all locations around the world, no problem !

More as just ping monitoring

In example 040Hosting does monitor its managed servers as well, we do this not by a ping as most hosting providers do but by actually connecting to the webserver and retrieve a page. We also check our servers against several RBL (Realtime Blackhole Lists) to catch any mail blocks before they become a problem to our customers. Our monitoring service does not stop there, a wide range of monitors is available to you and if they are not sufficient you can create your own scripts to be called from the monitoring as well.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs, you pay for a set of monitors + for each notification contact you create. This means you can start monitoring 5 services for only EUR 5,10 a month (including 1 notification contact); for each additional notification contact you pay 0,10 EUR for unlimited messaging. Many other providers let you buy packages for SMS and Voice calls; we include this in the contact fee, so you will never find yourself without credit and thus no notification.

Easy setup from our support portal

Setting up monitoring is simple and is fully integrated within our support and billing system, you can simply login to your account and configure your reliable hosting monitoring.


Startups and Hosting

Many startups these days need web hosting to bring their name to the big public an Webpage and Domain name are not to be forgotten, and likely high on their agenda’s.

If you are a startup and need web hosting with a domain name but do not really know what you need, please let us know, we are glad to assist you with FREE and honest advise, and who knows we even offer to pay your internet platform for you. Each year we choose some startups who we believe in and assist them with their online presence.

Feel free to contact our sales team and let us know about your plans, we are glad to work with you to make your startup successful !

Unlimited Addon domains and the truth behind it

First things first, what are addon domains

When you buy a hosting package you often have limited or even unlimitted addon domains, but what are they exactly ?

At hosting we call the main domain attached to the account the ‘Main Domain’ all other domains attached to the account (this could be other websites) are called addon domains; or sub-domains. There is also another term you may hear which is Parked domains but these are distinctively different from addon or subdomains as they never have their own content but forward to a existing content under one of your domains, subdomains or addon domains.

What is Semi-Dedicated Hosting

One of the services we offer here at 040Hosting is Semi-Dedicated Hosting, but what is semi-dedicated hosting and where to buy the service ?

New SSD Hosting Europe and USA

What is better as 040Hosting’s standard shared hosting offering ? Well our new Shared SSD Hosting Europe and USA   hosting packages, they come with all the good from our standard hosting packages but with the speed of SSD drives and not just any SSD drives, drives handling up to 100,000 IOPS; now that is a huge performance. As with all our package we only sell non-oversold diskspace.  Currently this service is only available in our Strasbourg or St.Louis facility.

Please note that 040Hosting only offers real diskspace; you are not secretly added to a storage server with loads of ram to ‘mimic’ a SSD storage unit; we also do not oversell any diskspace; what we offer is what you really get. This makes us not the cheapest in the market, but it makes us proud to be a honest service provider. Hence we call our diskspace ‘Real’.

To celebrate our new SSD Hosting packages you can grab an account at 20% discount for the lifetime of the account, this offer is only valid for this month ! Coupon: newssd

Next to the SSD service on Shared Hosting Europe and USA accounts we also offer the service on our SSD reseller packages, so you can sell hosting to your clients on a blazing fast platform without giving in to quality. So if you are a designer or web developer and want to sell quality hosting directly to your clients take a look at our fantastic reseller SSD packages as well. If you do not need the speed of SSD you can also look at our standard reseller packages.

New Shared Hosting Packages 2015

We are proud to announce our new Shared Hosting Packages 2015:

Platinum Package 2015 € 5.49 (3GB Diskspace / 40GB Bandwidth)
Business Package 2015 € 9.49 (8GB Diskspace / 50GB Bandwidth)
Specials Package 2015 € 15.99 (15GB Diskspace / 150GB Bandwidth)
Premium Package 2015 € 27.79 (30GB Diskspace / 500GB Bandwidth)

With our new shared hosting packages 2015, we provide more diskspace and bandwidth with only slight price changes. We also introduced an “annual payment = 1 month free” to give you the choice to safe more money.

All clients with the previous ‘platinum’, ‘business’, ‘specials’ or ‘premium’ Packages can upgrade to these new package, please create a ticket within our support portal, you will then be upgraded within 24h. (If you pay monthly you will only start paying in the next term and the current term is on us, for all others payment period we will prorate your account).

Please note that upgrading to the 2015 packages is optional, but for many an interesting option to get more diskspace and bandwidth.

Asia: Singapore webhosting lowered in pricing

Today we changed the pricing of our Asian Singapore Webhosting to the same amount as our packages cost in 6 other global locations, due to the higher cost of infrastructure we needed to start out with a little higher pricing plan but since we have grown we now can provide our Singapore hosting at the same costs. Also our existing clients on this infrastructure will pay the lower fee as from today, we do not stop there they will receive an extra discount on their packages in July 2014 to compensate for the additional payed months. That is our way to say thank you to those customers which launched the Singapore Location.



Startup Company Program at 040Hosting believe in helping out new startup companies in the technology market segment, if you are a serious Tech startup company and need a server feel free to contact us and we are more than glad to see what is possible.

Our team at 040Hosting can give you our technical view and help you get started from the Hosting perspective of your business, but can also assist you and explain to you what is the best way to get around Social Media and help you get your word spread of your new tech startup in the right and constructive way.

040Hosting and our Partners are more than happy to get you in control of your business with the help of our expertise !

About 040Hosting: 040hosting provides quality high performance hosting services at affordable prices to individuals and businesses all over the world. Our hosting plans are designed according to different clients needs and comes with full technical support and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 040Hosting has European servers located in Strasbourg (FR), London (UK), Amsterdam (NL), Haarlem (NL) and the USA (Dallas and St. Louis) as well in Asia (Singapore). Next to offering shared hosting and reseller plans 040hosting also offers European and US based Managed and unmanaged dedicated servers and are an Official CloudFlare Optimized Partner.