This Sunday (01-04-2018) we have a new service we want to try out; for this reason we provide clients who request it a Free Server Air Freshener to try out.

Remember the day you purchase your Hosting space?  Whether it was shared or a new server, it had the “new” kind of smell. In most cases, those smells were all artificially sprayed. Whether you like the new hosting scent or some other type of scent… we’ve got a few different types of Server air fresheners you’ll find extremely pleasant.

Each listed server air freshener isn’t necessarily the scent you may like, so it’s up to you to find the right scent under the initial server air freshener you picked. For instance, a big company called Server Rack Air Fresheners has a few dozen different scents. While for instance “Vanilla CPU” may not be your type of scent, you may like the other ones under that brand.

We are planning to introduce a large range of these Server Air Fresheners, and for you to try we have a FREE offer this Sunday Only for our ROYAL CPU scent.

Of course, you may also want to eliminate odors from your server such as smoke, dirty malware laundry, stained memorybanks, overheated CPU’s etc. There’s a few odor eliminating products that are certain to do that (both organic and electronic). That is why we soon offer you the best server air fresheners and odor eliminator products we could find.

Click the below button to start requesting your Free Server Air Freshener.